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sw_legacyera's Journal

Star Wars: Legacy Era Fan Community
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Star Wars Legacy Era, Star Wars expanded universe
Welcome Star Wars fans to a community that focuses on Star Wars' Legacy Era. The Legacy era is set during the time of 40 ABY and 137 ABY+, between Legacy of the Force and Star Wars: Legacy.

This community welcomes news, discussions, information, questions, links, graphics, pictures, artwork, icons, and fanfiction (We only request that you label (and give warnings) catagories like adult, lemon, gen, het, slash). Use an LJ cut for long posts.

If you are interested in affiliating with us, let me know.


1. This is NOT a hate community. If you don't like something, say feel free to say why, but be polite while doing it. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion, but being a jerk about it is just rude. Please don't forget your basic manners.

2. This community focuses on the Legacy Era which takes place between 40 ABY (Legacy of the Force series) and 137 ABY+ (Star Wars: Legacy). So try to keep your posts on topic. A few posts about other SW related things are more than welcome. However, outside of that, let's try not to do it, okay? Exceptions are the Vector

3. Spoilers, graphics, images, large posts must be placed behind LJ cut.

4. Everthing is welcome here as long you post the appropriate warnings, and place your story/art under an lj-cut or give us a link to where story or art is posted else where.